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क्या आप करते है रूम हीटर और अंगीठी का इश्तेमाल? अबतक दम घुटने से 4 दिनों में 7 की मौतें, 66 लोग पहुंचे रिम्स  |  जमाखोरों और सूदखोरों के खिलाफ लंबी लड़ाई लड़ी थी निर्मल महतो ने, झारखंड के इस कद्दावर नेता की दिन दहाड़े हत्या कर दी गई थी, सीएम हेमंत सोरेन ने जयंती पर दी श्रद्धांजलि  |  झारखंड में मिले 55 पॉजिटिव, कंटेनमेंट जोन बनाने की तैयारी:रांची और कोडरमा में तेजी से फैल रहा कोरोना, हेल्थ डिपार्टमेंट अलर्ट  |  चक दे झारखण्ड: भारतीय महिला हॉकी टीम के कैंप के लिए 4 बेटियों का हुआ चयन,झारखंड के 6 खिलाड़ियों को मौका  |  झारखंड दे रहा देश को दिशा: झारखंड की दीदी बगिया योजना व सखी मंडल गतिविधियों को दूसरे राज्य भी करें लागू : एनएन सिन्हा   |  लड़कियों की शादी की उम्र बढ़ाने का विरोध:झारखंड के मंत्री ने कहा- बढ़ाने के बजाय कम करनी चाहिए उम्र, UP के सपा सांसद बोले- आवारगी करेंगी लड़कियां  |  धनबाद में जज हत्या मामला: हाईकोर्ट ने कहा- CBI डायरेक्टर को बुला कर ही सवाल पूछना होगा, परिणाम की जगह केवल रिपोर्ट मिल रहा  |  Karnataka Congress MLA’s “enjoy rape” remark controversy and reactions  |  बैंक कर्मियों के हड़ताल: कोडरमा-चतरा जिले में 230 करोड़ का कारोबार प्रभावित  |  20 दिसंबर के बाद झारखंड में बढ़ेगी ठंड: कश्मीर की बर्फीली हवा राज्य में बढ़ाएगी कनकनी, दो दिन बाद बारिश के आसार  |  

Kriti Verma 17/12/2021 :
Karnataka Congress MLA’s “enjoy rape” remark controversy and reactions
Ramesh Kumar expresses his sincere apologies to everyone for the indifferent and negligent comment he made in today's assembly about 'Rape!', Nirbhaya's mom stated that due to people like him, crimes against daughters occur in the country.

Recently, a video is viral on social media in which Senior Congress MLA and former Karnataka Assembly Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar, who had courted controversy through saying "If rape inevitable then lie down and enjoy" inside the Karnataka Assembly, apologized for his 'off the cuff remark' on Friday.

"I would really like to express my sincere apologies to everyone for the indifferent and negligent comment I made in today's assembly about 'Rape!' My intention was not trivializing or make light of the heinous crime, but an off the cuff remark! I will choose my words cautiously henceforth!" Ramesh Kumar tweeted.

During the discussions on rain and flood related damages withinside the Karnataka meeting on Thursday, many MLAs desired to talk to highlight the plight of people in their constituencies. Speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri found himself in a fix as he desired to wind up the discussion on the earliest whereas the MLAs were insisting to extend the time.

"I am in a situation where I have to enjoy and say 'yes, yes.' That's it. This is what I feel. I should give up controlling the situation and take the proceedings in a systematic manner, I should inform everyone to continue your talks," Kageri said laughing.

 He defined that his only grievance is that the business of the house isn't happening. Ramesh Kumar intervened and stated, "See, there is a saying- when rape is inevitable, lie down and enjoy it. That's exactly the position in which you are." The former minister came below fire from various quarters including the MLAs from his own party for his statement.

The Congress party's Khanapur MLA Anjali Nimbalkar took a strong view of it. She tweeted, "The House shall apologise to entire womanhood, every mother, sister & daughter of this nation for such an obnoxious & shameless behaviour."

 Another Congress MLA Sowmya Reddy too denounced the statement in her tweet: "This is just NOT ok. There needs to be an apology”, ​the National Commission for Women Rekha Sharma flayed the statement in her tweet. She stated, "It is extremely sad and unfortunate that we still have public representative who are misogynists and have terrible mind-set towards women. It's really disgusting.

 Nirbhaya’s mother described the remark as a “disrespectful blot on society”, and referred to as for the suspension of the Karnataka MLA who's from the Congress Party. Raising questions over the "message" the MLA sent to the society with his outrageous remark, Nirbhaya's mom stated that due to people like him, crimes against daughters occur in the country. 

 “It has been nine years to the day when her daughter was savagely gang-raped internal a moving bus in the national capital, and he [Congress MLA Ramesh Kumar] is mocking such cases. It is disgusting,” she concluded.

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